Newborns don’t actually need toys, since sleeping and eating are really their main interests. Between 2-3 months they are more interested in people and their surroundings than toys. But around the three-month mark, many parents start seeing their babies becoming more interested in things around them.  Its the perfect time to introduce them to fun toys and activities to help them with important developmental stages and to keep them entertained of course.  Realistically, babies are happy playing with household items like wooden spoons and plastic food containers.  There’s no need to feel obligated to break the bank on toys.  The best toys for babies have features that help with developing eyesight, fine motor skills and an ever-growing curiosity about their world.  Squeaky toys and soft plush toys that can fit in their hands make the best toys to play with.  Just know whatever you give them to play with, will ultimately end up in their mouth so make sure the toys are clean and safe.

A baby’s vision isn’t fully developed until they’re around five months old. To help them see and focus on objects, look for toys that have high contrast in colors and patterns; black and white is best for newborns (stripes, checkerboard, or simple images are easiest to focus on), while older babies love looking at brighter colors. Toys with strips of satiny, velvety, rubbery, bumpy or fluffy material are an absolute delight for tiny, grabby fingers. Babies are working on their fine motor skills from about three months and up, and interesting textures make it super fun to develop those skills.

Babies want to put everything in their mouths. Everything. The time will eventually come when your curious bub will try to eat something not so great (pet food, a dirty rag, carpet fuzz, etc.), but you can make up for it by making sure some things are actually OK to gnaw, like toys and teethers.