As a new parent, you wonder if it’s really beneficial reading to your newborn.  Do they really understand?  You probably feel silly reading to an infant, but they are learning something new at any stage but what benefits more is the time you cuddle, smile and enjoy every moment with them.  You may be surprised by the benefits of reading to newborns.  It really doesn’t matter what you are reading to them. Your baby will be learning so much from day to day from your voice and words.  Even though babies can only communicate through crying, eye contact, and body language, they are listening carefully to the people around them in order to develop their own language skills. In fact, you could get all the benefits of reading to newborns by reading an article from any magazine.  They will love to hold the book and even chew on it, but they will love the routine of you reading to them. If you love to read and maybe an avid reader, this might actually be a good way to sneak in some time for yourself while still enjoying bonding with your baby.

Here are some popular books to read: